Christopher is a creative individual who has a incredible passion in architecture and urban design. The central philosophy of his work ties strongly with the notion of placemaking. For each and every project, he seeks to bring out the best with his creative ability and passion for originality. He knows the impact of space on human emotion and our subconscious psychological responses to space. Through his knowledge he aims to create spaces with atmosphere which move the viewer.

As a curious, empathetic, rigorous, experimental and creative "ideas" person, he uncovers, conceives and develops the themes and critical pieces of information that can spark game-changing designs, innovations and experiences for the 21st mega-century.  

Christopher David Birt, is a student studying Architecture in London at Ravensbourne University. He's currently finishing his 3rd year of the course.


Contact Details

Email: Christopher-David@outlook.com

Phone: 07428157432

Instagram: Christopher_David_Designs 

Twitter: ChristopherDDes